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13 November 2014 | Data services

Deutsche Börse to be exclusive global licensor of Cleartrade Exchange’s market data products

Deutsche Börse Market Data + Services today announced that it will now disseminate and be the exclusive licensor of real-time market data for key commodity derivatives products traded on Cleartrade Exchange. Cleartrade Exchange (CLTX) is a Singaporean regulated futures market for the global commodity derivatives marketplace.

“This new market data partnership provides CLTX with access to our extensive data distribution and licensing network comprising more than 480 market data vendors,” said Georg Gross, Head of Information, Market Data + Services, Deutsche Börse. “At the same time it will become easier for our clients to use key derivatives data from the fast-growing regulated commodity markets in Asia.”

The new relationship with CLTX is the latest in a series of market data partnerships between Deutsche Börse and exchanges in the Asia region. In August 2014, Deutsche Börse and Philippine Stock Exchange signed a memorandum of understanding to establish a market data cooperation. In April 2014, Deutsche Börse and Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) announced a partnership under which SSE assumed responsibility for the real-time distribution, marketing and sales of key Deutsche Börse market data products in mainland China. In October 2013, Deutsche Börse became the exclusive licensor of Bombay Stock Exchange’s market data and information products to all international clients.

“The commodity contracts traded on CLTX Exchange and resulting data are being subject to ever increasing regulatory requirements. As a global exchange CLTX is compliant with appropriate geographically based regulation, primarily in Asia, Europe and North America,” said Bob Antell, Commercial Director, CLTX. “Due to these regulatory requirements, worldwide marketing demands on our data and the global distribution of our members, we decided that Deutsche Börse, with its established worldwide data distribution, is the ideal partner for us.”

Established in 2010, CLTX offers an electronic order book of more than 40 derivatives contracts on Energy, Freight, Agricultural, and Metal. Deutsche Börse will act as distributor and exclusive licensor of the following four CLTX real-time information products: Cleartrade Exchange Futures Market, Freight Investor Services, the World Container Index and China Steel Index.

The Cleartrade Exchange Futures Market data product will contain prices of traded dry freight futures, agricultural and energy products, traded metal futures and un-netted order information. The Freight Investor Services product provides prices of traded products in dry cargo freight, iron ore, fertilizer and bunker derivatives, as well as un-netted order information. The World Container Index product includes spot container freight rates for 11 major East-West trade routes as well as a composite index, calculated on a weekly basis. The China Steel Index data product contains daily index prices for China Domestic Hot Rolled Coils (HRCs), China Domestic Hot Rolled Ribbed Bar (Rebar), China Domestic High Speed Wire Rod and China Domestic Medium Plate.

The CLTX information products will be disseminated via the data feed CEF® Core.

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