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Direct data feeds Deutsche Börse’s low latency CEF feeds

Deutsche Börse’s high speed CEF data feeds supply banks, traders, fund managers, hedge funds, data vendors and other market participants worldwide with trades and quotes, indices and analytics. The data disseminated covers Deutsche Börse’s trading venues Eurex and Xetra, as well as those of its cooperation partners. The feeds differ in terms of type and depth of data and meet the needs of different client groups.

Clients who subscribe to our direct data feeds receive the complete available data at highest quality and speed, no matter what the market situation.

CEF Core

  • Complete trade chronology, netted pre-trade information
  • Low latency
  • Consolidated data
  • Level 1 and level 2 information depth
  • Access via leased lines, co-location, internet via VPN

CEF ultra+

  • Complete trade chronology, un-netted pre-trade information up to order book depth 15 for Eurex and 10 for Xetra
  • Lowest latency
  • Original data from the source
  • Designed for algo trading
  • Access via leased lines, co-location

Feeds and information products

FeedInformation product
CEF ultra+ Xetra Xetra ultra (incl. Xetra Real-time Analytics)
CEF ultra+ Xetra Order by OrderXetra Order by Order
CEF ultra+ Eurex Eurex ultra (incl. Eurex Real-time Analytics)
Eurex IOC Liquidity Indicator for Options
CEF ultra+ Irish Stock Exchange Irish Stock Exchange ultra
CEF ultra+ Eurex Order by Order  Eurex Order by Order
CEF CoreAll other information products
E.g. Spot Market Germany, Eurex, Deutsche Börse Indices and Xetra ETF, STOXX Indices etc. with the exception of the BSE India and TAIFEX information products which are delivered via direct data feeds from our cooperation partners