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Irish Stock Exchange ultra Market data from the Irish Stock Exchange

Securities listed on the Irish Stock Exchange are traded electronically on T7, Deutsche Börse’s new trading platform. Deutsche Börse exclusively disseminates the Irish Stock Exchange market data as well as the Irish Stock Exchange indices information.

Irish Stock Exchange ultra

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  • Provides un-netted real-time market data
  • Contains the entire chain of pre-trade and trade information of all instruments traded on the Irish Stock Exchange (excluding information on "off order book, negotiated deals")
  • Provides trade information up to an order book depth of 10

Irish Stock Exchange

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  • The information product Irish Stock Exchange contains un-netted pre-trade and un-netted trade data
  • Available as level 1 and level 2 product, level 1 provides the best bid and ask prices as well as the last traded price, together with the underlying order volumes, level 2 contains all information from level 1, and additionally displays the 10 best bid and ask prices with the respective volume

Irish Stock Exchange Indices

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Provides information for the following indices:

  • ISEQ Overall Index
  • ISEQ Financial
  • ISEQ General
  • ISEQ Small Cap
  • ISEQ 20 Index
  • ISEQ Strategic Indices
  • ISEQ Bond Indices

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