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We have been providing exchange solutions in a software-as-a-service model since 1999. More than 30 exchanges trust us with their business. Among the companies utilizing outsourcing solutions from Deutsche Börse are:

  • Cayman Islands Stock Exchange, George Town (since 2013)
  • Malta Stock Exchange, Valletta (since 2012)
  • Bulgarian Stock Exchange, Sofia (since 2008)
  • Irish Stock Exchange, Dublin (since 2000)
  • Wiener Börse AG, Vienna (since 1999) 

Please find below, what our clients have to say about working with us.

Cayman Islands Stock Exchange

“Migrating to the Xetra trading platform meets client demands and brings the CSX within reach of the global trading community adding transparency and market liquidity for CSX listed issuers. All Xetra members worldwide can now access the Cayman Islands Stock Exchange through a common internationally recognised technological base.”

Valia Theodoraki, CEO, Cayman Islands Stock Exchange

Malta Stock Exchange

“The Malta Stock Exchange is delighted to join Xetra as a participant exchange. As we seek to increase our international business, this development is considered to be a major milestone to help our Exchange achieve this aim for the benefit of all its users. We have established an excellent working relationship with Deutsche Börse and we look forward to furthering our collaboration with the other partner exchanges.”

Eileen V. Muscat, CEO, Malta Stock Exchange

Irish Stock Exchange

“Our technology alliance with Deutsche Börse and the trading of Irish Stock Exchange equities and warrants on a segregated and ISE controlled segment of Xetra has been a key element in the internationalization of membership of the Irish Stock Exchange and in fully supporting an easily accessed, cost effective, transparent and resilient trading mechanism for Irish equities.”

Brian Healy, Director of Trading and Regulation, Irish Stock Exchange

Wiener Börse AG, Austria

“The basic requirements for every successful stock exchange are a state-of-the-art electronic trading system and integrated high performance customer networks. These of course must be stable and reliable and must incorporate all necessary failover safeguards to ensure this. Xetra provides all these requirements at a cost that is fair and affordable, even for a small exchange.”

Erich Obersteiner, former Member of the Executive Board, Wiener Börse AG, Austria