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Hosted managed services Project management, implementation, maintenance and more

Deutsche Börse adds value to your organisation by operating your IT systems and business applications in a reliable and fully compliant manner meeting highest standards for the financial service industry. Optimized operation means highly efficient and automated operation, state of the art infrastructure, reliable, secure and at variable cost on demand.

We have been providing technology services to the financial industry since decades. Customers chose us to manage their mission critical services because we understand their demands and work closely in partnership with them from day one of the relationship. Our customers benefit from scalable service levels and pricing solutions, a dedicated and multi-lingual service desk and robust failover and disaster recovery solutions.

Our commitment and dedication to quality is reflected in our stringent internal processes and procedures. Our IT operations, development, project and IT security management processes are certified as meeting recognised ISO standards for quality management and IT service management.

High systems availability combined with around-the-clock support and robust disaster recovery solutions make our service extremely reliable. In Luxembourg, Clearstream Services, a fully owned subsidiary of Deutsche Börse has the status of “Professionnel du Secteur Financier (PSF)” awarded by the Luxembourg Ministry of Finance, which requires that our IT hosting and managed services activities are regulated by the Luxembourg regulatory body, the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF). 

Our suite of IT hosting and managed services includes:

  • Data centre hosting
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Network management
  • System management
  • Storage management
  • Data management
  • IT security
  • Full IT operation
  • Application management
  • Service level management

Our broad skill set includes project management, implementation, maintenance, third party supplier management and much more.