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Deutsche Börse Market Data + Services integrated technology and data offerings of Impendium Systems into its existing portfolio. Deutsche Börse Group acquired the London-based enterprise software firm in 2014 which deployed cloud-based software solutions to help customers’ achieve regulatory compliance in Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific.

As our customers continue to navigate complex regulatory landscapes around the world, Deutsche Börse Group has expanded its offerings in the regulatory services field. Deutsche Börse’s Regulatory Reporting Hub allows customers to be compliant with multiple regulations throughout the world using a single solution. The Regulatory Reporting Hub incorporates high-performance solutions for global regulatory compliance onto one platform, making compliance easier and faster to achieve.

Apart from the current European coverage the Regulatory Reporting Hub will continuously be expanded to include additional key regulations outside the EU.

We continuously monitor all major regulation to ensure that our clients are kept up to date with the changing regulatory requirements and we welcome sharing our knowledge and experience with you.

For an overview of current and future regulations please visit our Regulatory Services website or watch our videos on Deutsche Börse Group’s YouTube channel to better understand the key issues and learn how they will impact you.

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