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  1. News  |  02 August 2017 Partnership for MiFID II

    Risk Focus will provide system components for the Regulatory Reporting Hub’s OTC Trade Reporting solution.

  2. News  |  01 August 2017 Regulatory Reporting Hub: Connectivity options

    The Regulatory Reporting Hub offers various connectivity options for data transmission.

  3. News  |  28 July 2017 Top 5 Execution Venue Reporting

    MiFID-Investment firms have to report annually on the top five execution venues on which they execute client orders.

  4. News  |  21 July 2017 MiFID II Best Execution Reporting

    All execution venues have to provide Quality of Execution Reports under MiFID II RTS 27.

  5. News  |  05 July 2017 Connectivity tests with FCA started

    The Regulatory Reporting Hub has started testing the connectivity to FCA’s Market Data Processor (MDP) system.

  6. News  |  21 December 2016 MiFID II - A reform not a review

    The white paper maps out the key changes and elements of MiFID II. The most immediate point is the demand upon information gathering.

  7. News  |  01 December 2016 Ready for MiFID II

    Deutsche Börse is launching five net return indices thus adding a new calculation version to its DAX family. Deutsche Börse's selection indices ...

  8. News  |  24 August 2016 Riding the new waves of regulation

    The real power will be realised for RegTech when market participants can turn an unwanted cost centre into a revenue generating activity.

  9. News  |  13 June 2016 Is "RegTech" the new FinTech?

    How the rise of regulatory technology is helping firms to better understand and manage their risks worldwide.

  10. News  |  13 June 2016 Standards for trade and transaction reporting

    FIX Trading Community, develops the FIX Protocol for use for transmitting MiFID II transaction reports to ARMs.