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  1. News  |  21 December 2016 MiFID II - A reform not a review

    The white paper maps out the key changes and elements of MiFID II. The most immediate point is the demand upon information gathering.

  2. News  |  01 December 2016 Ready for MiFID II

    Deutsche Börse is launching five net return indices thus adding a new calculation version to its DAX family. Deutsche Börse's selection indices ...

  3. News  |  24 August 2016 Riding the new waves of regulation

    The real power will be realised for RegTech when market participants can turn an unwanted cost centre into a revenue generating activity.

  4. News  |  13 June 2016 Is "RegTech" the new FinTech?

    How the rise of regulatory technology is helping firms to better understand and manage their risks worldwide.

  5. News  |  13 June 2016 Standards for trade and transaction reporting

    FIX Trading Community, develops the FIX Protocol for use for transmitting MiFID II transaction reports to ARMs.

  6. News  |  08 June 2016 The growing importance of MiFID data

    Data requirements under MiFID II should not be underestimated. At IDX a panel of experts discussed alternatives for data storage.

  7. News  |  07 June 2016 Changing the rules for MDAX, SDAX, TecDAX

    As of September 2016, the process for selecting companies in the indices will be purely quantitative as well as completely automated.

  8. News  |  03 June 2016 Schaeffler AG to be included in MDAX

    Effective on 20 June 2016, the shares of Schaeffler AG will be included in the MDAX index, and will replace the shares of Wincor Nixdorf AG.

  9. News  |  01 June 2016 Buy-side: think long-term if you want to survive MiFID’s “Big Bang”

    >The article was originally posted on FOW on 19 May 2016 The announcement in February 2016 that MiFID II execution would be delayed by one year ...

  10. News  |  31 May 2016 Market data partnership with TAIFEX

    Deutsche Börse will act as the licensor of TAIFEX market data and information products to all international clients.