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CSDR data service Access to comprehensive CSDR reference data

Key characteristics

  • Accurate reference data is key when it comes to managing regulatory obligations and risk associated with the new settlement discipline rules
  • The CSDR data service has been developed by Deutsche Börse in cooperation with Eurex STS, Deutsche Börse’s Buy-in agent for CSDR
  • The service includes a variety of data sets which will be tailored into packages and can be selected according to the different requiremnts 
  • CSDR reference data supports the validation of financial instruments which are subject to the new settlement discipline regime.

Designed for

  • Trading Parties (buy-side and sell-side) which fall under the rules of the new Settlement Discipline Regime (SDR) of the CSDR
  • Custodian banks
  • Market Maker
  • Securities finance Trading desks

Use cases

  • Calculation of cash penalties and SDR cash penalty reconciliation and forecast
  • Preparation of cash compensation
  • Reporting of settlement fails: crucial identification and classification of settlement fails to comply to the new settlement discipline rules
  • Prioritization of settlement fails 
  • Identification of buy-in relevant instruments and their extension period

Data details

The first package of this series of offerings, CSDR reference data includes:

  • ­SDR eligibility 
  • ­Liquid/illiquid indicator
  • ­Cash penalty rate
  • ­SME status
  • ­Extension period
  • ­Most relevant market

Instrument information, such as classification, issue sizes, market listings and maturity date, is also part of this comprehensive data set

Additional packages are planned and can be selected for risk management purposes to get data about projected buy-in costs, and as a parameter representing the settlement- and buy-in risk

Detailed statistical information about executed buy-ins in Eurex STS’ auctions will be available in the course of 2022

The CSDR data service is available via the Data Shop as well as via WSS batch.