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26 January 2015 | Index services

Deutsche Börse to make unscheduled adjustment in MDAX

Source: Deutsche Börse

As a result of the expected merger with Deutsche Annington SE, the Gagfah S.A. current share class (ISIN LU0269583422) in MDAX will be replaced with the tendered share class of Gagfah S.A. (ISIN LU1152862774).
According to the index guidebook, this index change is implemented once a company’s share reaches an acceptance threshold of at least 50 percent by the end of the initial tender period, or at any time throughout the extended period, with two trading days’ notice.

The free-float factor of the new share also will be adjusted from 99.77 percent to 85.20 percent in MDAX to account for a change in the free-float greater than 10 percentage points. The new free-float factor reflects the number of tradable shares of the tendered share class based on current information.

All changes being announced today will be effective on 29 January 2015.

Once the expected merger is finalized, the tendered share will be replaced by the share of a new company according to the latest available index ranking of the old Gagfah S.A. share, respectively. This process ensures that the relevant criteria of index continuity and tradability are upheld.

The next regular review of the Deutsche Börse equity indices is scheduled for 4 March 2015.

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