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28 January 2016 | Regulatory services

Webcast on regulatory reporting with a focus on transaction reporting

The first introductory webinar in a series on MiFID II/MiFIR regulatory requirements hosted by Deutsche Börse Group provides some orientation on the impact of MiFID II/MiFIR on transaction reporting and what you should be doing today when implementing MiFID II/MiFIR at your company.

Are you in control of your MiFID II/MiFIR requirements? Which aspects of your reporting obligations are keeping you occupied? Do you know what to report, when and to whom?

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Webcast duration: 45 mins

Speakers Deutsche Börse Group:
Axel Schorn, Programme Manager
Rory McLaren, Product Development Manager
Steffi Eimer, Expert Transaction Reporting

In this webcast you will be able to learn more about the effects on your business areas and prepare for regulatory changes in time:

  • Gain insight into this far-reaching regulatory change
  • Learn how Deutsche Börse Group can help you prepare
  • Hear from our experts on your compliance process options
Section 1What is MiFID II/MiFIR? - Regulation MiFIR article 26 Transaction Reporting
Section 2What risks and challenges are related to MiFID II/MiFIR
Section 3Which regulatory reporting solutions for MiFIRD II/MIFIR are offered by Deutsche Börse Group

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