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BSE India Corporate Data Access to India’s largest corporate data repository

Deutsche Börse Market Data + Services and BSE India entered into a partnership under which Deutsche Börse acts as the exclusive licensor of BSE market data and information products to all international clients.

Key product characteristics

  • BSE India is home to over 5,300 listed Indian companies, making it the largest marketplace in the world in terms of number of companies listed
  • As part of on-going disclosure and regulatory compliance, companies are required to file corporate disclosures with the BSE
  • The BSE India Corporate Data information products provide clients with access to the largest repository of corporate data for India’s listed companies

Corporate Announcements

  • Filings by companies on events which are likely to have impact on the company’s share prices

Shareholder Pattern (quarterly)

  • Data is provided in the SEBI (Security and Exchange Board of India) mandated format as submitted by the companies
  • Summary of holdings of various types of shareholders in the company as on the last day of the quarter
  • Complete details of holdings by promoters (controlling shareholders) and holdings of over 1% by non-promoter shareholders

Financial Results (quarterly, half-yearly, yearly)

  • Financial results submitted by listed companies in SEBI required format
  • Provides standalone results of the companies that have submitted the results

Corporate Actions

  • Information on Corporate Actions in XML format over the Internet

Data Availability

The Corporate Data products are delivered in XML format and made available for download via a secure internet connection. Corporate Data products are provided either as continuous (intra-day) or end of day dissemination.

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