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EEX Agricultural Trading data for agriculture futures

Key product characteristics

  • Core information product
  • The information product EEX Agricultural (launched on 11 May 2015) delivers market data for agriculture futures traded on the European Energy Exchange (EEX)
  • Trading data is provided for the following agricultural index futures contracts: European Processing Potato Futures (FAPP), Hog Futures (FAHG), Piglet Futures (FAPG), Butter Futures (FABT), Skimmed Milk Powder Futures (FASM) and European Whey Powder Futures (FAWH)
  • Agriculture futures provide all market participants - farmers, producers, dealers and the processing industry - with an opportunity to manage price risks
  • All futures are based on established market indices
  • The data is also included in the information product EEX Spot and Derivatives Market

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