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Historical 360T market data High- quality historical data from the FX spot and swaps market

With over 2,200 buy-side customers and more than 200 liquidity providers across 75 different countries, 360T is uniquely positioned to help connect the global FX industry via their proprietary suite of web-based technology solutions. As the Deutsche Börse Group’s global FX unit, 360T offers a full range of streamlined services across the entire trading workflow of FX and Short-Term Money Market products.

Through their Essential Data Feed (EDF), Swaps Data Feed (SDF) and Historical Data Feed (HDF) 360T is able to deliver numerous benefits to a range of different client segments. Encompassing market activity across Interbank, Institutional and Corporate customer segments, across global time zones, 360T Market Data Services provide high quality, independent and reliable data across Spot, Swaps and Forwards.

360T Historical Data Feed (HDF)

  • HDF is composed of captured quotes from the 360T Swaps Data Feed (SDF) and the 360T Essential Data Feed (EDF)
  • The aggregated historical prices are based on live feeds from major banks and adjusted by blending algorithms
  • The 360T Historical Data Feed (HDF) supports clients in the analysis and display of historical FX data and the traceability of exported prices.

360T Essential Data Feed (EDF)

  • The 360T Essential Data Feed (EDF) delivers a comprehensive view of the Spot FX market
  • It delivers both the calculated Mid and Bid/Ask Spreads in multiple pricing tiers in variable snapshots
  • The EDF data can be categorized into bespoke packages per client requirements to meet their individual needs

360T Swaps Data Feed (SDF)

  • SDF offers an innovative solution to the need for accurate, reliable FX Swaps market data and granular pricing around broken and special dates
  • It is based on the live contribution of 20+ Tier one and super regional banks
  • Accuracy and reliability of rates are harnessed by Digitec’s D3 pricing engine technology and relationships within the 360T network who contribute to the SDF

The 360T market data can be retrieved through our Data Shop Historical Data

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