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Tradegate Market data from the stock exchange specializing on private investors

Key product characteristics

  • Core information product
  • The Tradegate information product provides market data for around 4,500 equities, 1,500 ETPs, 1,500 bonds and 1,600 investment funds
  • Tradegate is available in Level 1 and contains the last traded price with respective volume as well as the best bid/ask price together with the underlying order volume
  • The information product is available free of charge until further notice 

Tradegate Exchange is a stock exchange specialising in executing private investors’ orders. Over 30 trading participants from Germany, Austria, France and Switzerland are currently connected and offer access to their customers from their own country and abroad. Orders are usually executed in full. Tradegate Exchange does not charge any transaction fees.

Deutsche Börse AG holds around 60 percent stake in Tradegate Exchange GmbH, the stock exchange operator of Tradegate Exchange.

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