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Deutsche Börse's regulatory services The fast track to fulfilling your regulatory requirements

MiFID II and MiFIR introduce comprehensive changes across EU financial markets in regard to market structure, transparency and investor protection. By widening the scope on financial instruments and markets they create new reporting requirements to the market and the regulator. Deutsche Börse has extensive experience in delivering regulatory reporting solutions as well as managing time critical data dissemination. Our objective is to help our clients meet current and future regulatory obligations easily and efficiently. To this end, Deutsche Börse will apply for ARM and APA status. Below please find information on the regulatory solutions we offer.

Regulatory reporting services

Deutsche Börse Group provides a number of regulatory reporting services and connectivity to a large number of regulators and appointed data repositories. We offer additional data transparency via an Approved Publication Arrangement (APA), Approved Reporting Mechanism (ARM), EMIR and other regulatory services.

Transaction Reporting Trade ReportingPosition Reporting
MiFID II OTC Trade Reporting
Transparency Service &
Trade Data Monitor

Registered ARM/RRM

Registered APA

Registered TR

Key benefits

  • Increased efficiency and reduced risk through Deutsche Börse's one-stop regulatory hub
  • Access to an extensive regulatory expertise
  • Enhanced compliance in alignment with frequent regulatory changes
  • Multi-NCA compliance, covering multiple regulations and jurisdictions to enable the move to a one-stop regulatory hub
  • Reliable service provider with scheduled status for ARM (Approved Reporting Mechanisms), APA (Approved Publication Arrangement, currently recognized as APA-equivalent TDM), CCP, RRM and TR (Trade Repository)
  • Big data processing under a proprietary high security technology
  • Reporting integration in Deutsche Börse Group’s value chain

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