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MiFID II solutions

The revised European “Markets in Financial Instruments Directive“ (MiFID II) together with the European Regulation (MiFIR) has significant impact on the European Financial Markets Infrastructure.

Introducing a further category for the organised and regulated trading of securities, a trading obligation for certain security types and an expansion of reporting and transparency obligation had so far just been mandatory for shares OTC trading has been curtailed further. And even in the non-regulated area of trading transparency requirements have increased significantly.

Algorithmic trading and algorithmic high frequency trading are also subject to a harmonized European rulebook under MiFID II/MiFIR.

Deutsche Börse Group disposes of a long-standing, profound experience and expertise in the entirety of regulatory sub-sections as well as the technical capacities necessary to provide customers competent advisory and reliable services from a single source. This particular combination puts us in a position to help our clients to match the partially highly-complex and regulation-spanning transparency and reporting requirements via one Regulatory Reporting Hub.

Overview of our services:
> MiFIR transaction reporting
> MiFID II OTC trade reporting
> MiFID II SI service
> MiFID II Best execution reporting
> MiFID II Commodity derivatives position reporting