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MiFID II Commodity derivatives position reporting Article 58 – EEOTC and on-venue position reporting

Deutsche Börse Group’s Regulatory Reporting Hub provides you with a comprehensive solution to meet your regulatory reporting obligations under Article 58 MiFID II by offering one central interface, through which the on-venue and EEOTC positions can be submitted.

Key benefits

  • Meet your regulatory commodity derivative position reporting requirements through one single interface in the standard industry format FIA for all positions reportable to
    - EEX, Powernext, Eurex
    - BaFin, AMF
  • Lower connectivity and test investments as well as lower maintenance cost through multi-venue and multi-NCA connectivity
  • Integrated, highly-efficient STP reporting, integrated into the reliable transaction reporting architecture of the Regulatory Reporting Hub, including archiving (5 years)
  • Reduction of risks (e.g. sanctions) through validations on your input
  • Rely on Deutsche Börse Group’s regulatory experience as trading venue, regulated market, CCP, CSD and a TR (REGIS-TR) in managing and supporting regulatory change
  • ARM and APA status as well as reporting into all relevant NCAs
  • Competitive pricing, e.g. reporting of on- venue positions not charged at all

Our services

  • Central interface oriented on the agreed FIA industry standard interface specification
  • Extensive validation of submitted position data with respect to authorization, formatting, mandatory field, duplicate and reference data errors
  • Feedback on validations and from NCAs is provided continuously through status reports (including error description
  • Assisted reporting is offered, i.e. a designated technical connectivity provider can submit reports to the IT infrastructure of the Regulatory Reporting Hub.

For more details, please refer to the product sheet.

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