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27 April 2018 | Service notification

RRH: Performance update

Further to yesterday’s notification advising of a performance issue being reported by some of our customers while accessing the RRH dashboard, our data engineers continue to investigate the cause of this problem. We have received further information from some customers that this performance problem manifests itself via several timeout sessions when accessing the dashboard.
In the meantime, we would like to advise all of our customers that our engineers have made some provisional changes yesterday which we understand from some customer have resulted in significant improvement.  While we continue to investigate the cause of this issue and while  we also continue working on performance improvements, we would like to ask any customers still experiencing delays or timeouts to contact their Relationship Managers and report this immediately.
We appreciate your patience in this matter and we are treating this issue as a matter of priority in view of a quick resolution.
With kind regards,
The Regulatory Reporting Service team.