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31 May 2016 | Data services

Deutsche Börse and Taiwan Futures Exchange enter into market data partnership Deutsche Börse to act as licensor of TAIFEX market data to international clients

Taiwan Futures Exchange (TAIFEX) and Deutsche Börse Market Data + Services signed a market data partnership agreement, under which Deutsche Börse will act as the licensor of TAIFEX market data and information products to all international clients. Therefore, clients will be able to benefit from the state-of-the-art licensing services offered by Deutsche Börse, which already functions as a licensing partner for a whole range of trading venues around the globe such as BSE India, Irish Stock Exchange and Bulgarian Stock Exchange.

“Our partnership with TAIFEX gives customers access to the full range of real-time, delayed and end-of-day data products offered by both exchanges under a single license agreement. This approach meets clients’ market data needs while reducing their administrative requirements and increasing overall efficiency,” said Hartmut Graf, Head of Data Services at Deutsche Börse.

“Building on our strong performance in recent years, TAIFEX has grown into one of the key derivatives exchanges of the region. With the sophistication of the market, we keep pursuing ways to solidify our international presence. This cooperation allows TAIFEX to leverage Deutsche Börse’s international channels and alliances to significantly expand our market data client base and attract foreign investors to participate in Taiwan’s market. Deutsche Börse will benefit by broadening its data services business. This will create a clear win-win situation”, said Chang-Ching Lin, Senior Executive Vice President, Taiwan Futures Exchange. “The cooperation will make it even easier for international clients to access TAIFEX’ market data, and strengthen our future product innovation capabilities.”

The market data partnership agreement is expected to enhance TAIFEX’ global reach and further strengthens the alliance between the Taiwanese and German exchanges which was first formed in May 2014 when daily futures on TAIFEX’ core products, TAIEX Futures and TAIEX Options, launched for trading on Deutsche Börse’s derivatives exchange Eurex.


Established in 1997, the Taiwan Futures Exchange (TAIFEX) currently lists 21 types of products falling into seven broad categories: equity index futures, equity index options, equity futures, equity options, interest rate futures, FX futures, and commodities futures and options. TAIFEX’ flagship products - TAIEX Futures and Options - are among the most heavily traded stock index contracts in Asia, while its index options contracts rank the fifth globally. Continuing the 2014 momentum, TAIFEX demonstrated outstanding performance in 2015 with a total of 264,495,660 trades recorded, exceeding a 1 million benchmark in average daily volume. The annual and average daily trading volumes of 2015 were up 31% and 33%, respectively, from 2014. By participant, individual and institutional investors accounted for approximately 47% and 53%, separately, of the market’s trading volume. Foreign institutional investors accounted for 12% of the entire market. TAIFEX has continuously enhanced its technology and services in trading, clearing and settlement to ensure a fair and orderly marketplace. With a vision to be a world-class exchange befitting the fast-evolving marketplace, TAIFEX is poised to extend its global reach and stands as a primary derivatives exchange in Asia.