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Regulatory videos

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  1. News  |  11 October 2019 Regulatory Reporting Hub: Key challenges of SFTR reporting

    Steffen Gossmann explains the complexity drivers of SFTR.

  2. News  |  24 September 2019 SFTR – requirements at a glance

    Steffen Gossmann gives an overview over the reporting requirements for counterparties to a securities financing transaction.

  3. News  |  30 October 2017 Regulatory Reporting Hub: EMIR reporting

    Georg Groß on the Hub’s go-live with EMIR reporting and the next steps

  4. News  |  23 October 2017 Regulatory Reporting Hub

    Interview with Regina Geschmayova and Marco Popp

  5. News  |  15 September 2017 Deutsche Börse invests in RegTek.Solutions Inc.

    Interview with Georg Groß, Deutsche Börse, and Brian Lynch, RegTek.Solutions

  6. News  |  04 September 2017 Increased regulatory complexity

    Georg Groß discusses challenges for market participants

  7. News  |  01 August 2017 Regulatory Reporting Hub: Connectivity options

    Learn more about connectivity options in this video.

  8. News  |  28 July 2017 MiFID II – Top 5 Execution Venue Reporting

    Christian Müller explains the main requirements under MiFID II RTS 28.

  9. News  |  28 July 2017 MiFID II – Quality of Execution Reporting

    Christian Müller explains the main requirements which execution venues have to meet regarding the Quality of Execution Reporting.

  10. News  |  14 November 2016 The Regulatory Reporting Hub - How to cover multiple regulatory reporting requirements through one platform.

    MiFID II is the biggest overhaul of EU securities rules and will significantly increase reporting requirements for market participants. Learn ...