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  1. News  |  21 December 2016 MiFID II - A reform not a review

    The white paper maps out the key changes and elements of MiFID II. The most immediate point is the demand upon information gathering.

  2. News  |  15 December 2016 Market data from India INX

    Deutsche Börse will license market data from the new international exchange India INX to international clients.

  3. News  |  05 December 2016 innogy SE and Uniper SE to be included in MDAX

    Changes to Deutsche Börses selection indices will become effective on 19 December 2016.

  4. News  |  01 December 2016 Ready for MiFID II

    Deutsche Börse is launching five net return indices thus adding a new calculation version to its DAX family. Deutsche Börse's selection indices ...

  5. News  |  30 November 2016 Launch of five new DAX Net Return indices

    Deutsche Börse is adding a new calculation version to its DAX family with net dividend investment enabling greater tracking accuracy.

  6. News The Regulatory Reporting Hub - How to cover multiple regulatory reporting requirements through one platform.

    MiFID II is the biggest overhaul of EU securities rules and will significantly increase reporting requirements for market participants. Learn ...

  7. News Why you should join our pilot programme

    As a customer of our MiFID II pilot programme you will be able to influence the features of the Regulatory Reporting Hub at an early stage.

  8. News  |  10 October 2016 Distribution of CEGH gas data

    As of 1 December 2016, information from the Central European Gas Hub AG will be included in the product PEGAS Spot and Derivatives Market.

  9. News  |  24 August 2016 Riding the new waves of regulation

    The real power will be realised for RegTech when market participants can turn an unwanted cost centre into a revenue generating activity.

  10. News How do OTFs add to the complexity? (video 4/4)

    In the fourth video of our mini-series, Christian Müller, Product Development OTC trade reporting, Deutsche Börse Group, talks about on-venue ...

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