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  1. News  |  17 November 2020 A7 goes GitHub

    Use cases at a fingertip

  2. News  |  01 September 2020 Get to know A7

    This video provides you with insights about the key benefits of A7 and a walk through the platform.

  3. News  |  01 September 2020 A7 Screencast

    Learn about the key features of our new platform and how A7 can support you in your trading decisions.

  4. News  |  27 August 2020 Meet Alireza Dorfard as panel speaker

    At Data Champions Online, DACH on 1 September 2020

  5. News  |  10 August 2020 A7 - “analytics as a service”

    Interview with Sven Wohlfarth, Head of Delivery Management and Business Services

  6. News  |  07 July 2020 New A7® platform offers “analytics as a service” 

    As of 1 July 2020 to 31 December 2020 Deutsche Börse Data Services is offering a free trial period for key Information Products. The free trial ...

  7. News  |  01 July 2020 Global vendor promotion

    SInce 1 July 2020 Deutsche Börse Data Services is offering a free trial period for Eurex® Core, Xetra® Core, STOXX® Indices and Deutsche Börse ...

  8. News  |  29 May 2020 Checking in with Alireza Dorfard

    How our Head of Data Services experienced his first 100 days at Deutsche Börse.

  9. News  |  28 May 2020 Deutsche Börse enters partnership with Chinese data provider Wind

    Deutsche Börse is the first foreign exchange to partner up with the leading financial data provider in China.

  10. News  |  01 April 2020 Regulatory Services GmbH has been approved as ARM and APA by BaFin

    The Regulatory Reporting Hub (RRH) continues to offer ARM and APA services as since 3 January 2018.

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