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  1. News  |  17 March 2021 Grow with the flow

    Interview with Anya van den Berg, Vice President Data and Analytics, about our recent analytics offering

  2. News  |  17 November 2020 A7 goes GitHub

    Use cases at a fingertip

  3. News  |  01 September 2020 Get to know A7

    This video provides you with insights about the key benefits of A7 and a walk through the platform.

  4. News  |  01 September 2020 A7 Screencast

    Learn about the key features of our new platform and how A7 can support you in your trading decisions.

  5. News  |  27 August 2020 Meet Alireza Dorfard as panel speaker

    At Data Champions Online, DACH on 1 September 2020

  6. News  |  10 August 2020 A7 - “analytics as a service”

    Interview with Sven Wohlfarth, Head of Delivery Management and Business Services

  7. News  |  07 July 2020 New A7® platform offers “analytics as a service” 

    As of 1 July 2020 to 31 December 2020 Deutsche Börse Data Services is offering a free trial period for key Information Products. The free trial ...

  8. News  |  01 July 2020 Global vendor promotion

    SInce 1 July 2020 Deutsche Börse Data Services is offering a free trial period for Eurex® Core, Xetra® Core, STOXX® Indices and Deutsche Börse ...

  9. News  |  29 May 2020 Checking in with Alireza Dorfard

    How our Head of Data Services experienced his first 100 days at Deutsche Börse.

  10. News  |  28 May 2020 Deutsche Börse enters partnership with Chinese data provider Wind

    Deutsche Börse is the first foreign exchange to partner up with the leading financial data provider in China.

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