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  1. News  |  10 July 2023 CEST Double delight

    Deutsche Börse scores twice at the 2023 European Markets Choice Awards

  2. News  |  04 July 2023 CEST New Information Product Xetra® ETFs & ETPs now available via Cloud Stream

    High-quality ETF, ETC and ETN market data from Xetra® and Börse Frankfurt

  3. News  |  10 May 2023 CEST Deutsche Börse enters into cooperation agreement with Overbond

    Overbond to integrate Bond Liquidity Data into its AI-aggregated data feeds and automated bond trading

  4. News  |  09 May 2023 CEST Doing it the smart way: Real-time data delivery via cloud stream

    Cloud Stream is a premier solution for streaming real-time information. We spoke to Jan Gerrit Marks and Zoltan Vekony.

  5. News  |  17 April 2023 CEST Pushing the boundaries

    Interview with Stefan Schlamp, Head of Quantitative Analytics and Dan Barnes from TraderTV at TradeTech

  6. News  |  23 February 2023 CET Time for real-time crypto data

    Watch this video about our new crypto offering powered by Kaiko

  7. News  |  21 February 2023 CET The Sentiment driving derivatives trading

    Interview with Anya van den Berg, Vice President Data and Analytics at Deutsche Börse

  8. News  |  15 November 2022 CET WSS Online Plus live sessions

    Get an overview of our latest Analytics products.

  9. News  |  17 August 2022 CEST The upward in co-operation

    Article from our Head of Analytics Sales, Anya van den Berg, in the TheTrade Magazine, Summer 2022.

  10. News  |  21 July 2022 CEST Deutsche Börse’s Analytics Suite: Proprietary data is key

    Get an an overview of our latest Analytics products.

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