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ISS ESG data sets High-quality and actionable environmental, social and governance data

ISS ESG offers expertise across a full range of environmental, social, and governance issues, having worked with leading asset owners and asset managers over the past 25 years to design tailored solutions and develop innovative products. ISS ESG works closely with its partners to provide access to high-quality ESG data that investors can use to generate a more complete picture of portfolio risks and opportunities.

Use Cases

  • As input for investment models, internal dashboards or scorecards, customized ESG scores, and product development
  • As a signaling device to help identify companies or industries in need of further analysis
  • For benchmarking purposes
  • To help support alignment with regulatory requirements

The following data sets can be retrieved via Deutsche Börse’s Data Shop:

ESG Corporate Rating

Company sustainability performance based on in-depth ESG criteria with a rigorous, robust and rules-based methodology.

ESG Country Rating

Country sustainability performance and controversy assessment for EU, OECD & BRICS countries + all major sovereign issuers from the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania.

Governance QualityScore

Company governance disclosure practices with data-driven scoring and screening solutions.

Environmental & Social Disclosure QualityScore

Company environmental & social disclosure practices with data-driven scoring and screening solutions.

Cyber Risk Score

Company predictive scores that forecast the risk of future breach events and monitor the risks of third-party/supply chain relationships.

SDG Impact Rating

Company impact (positive and negative) on the 17 United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals across products and services, operations management, and controversies.

Carbon Risk Rating

Company future carbon performance based on sector-specific indicators and risk profiles.

Climate Core

Company Scope 1, 2, & 3 emissions, raw data, and carbon intensity metrics representing the GHG emissions per million  USD/EUR of revenue.

Climate Impact

Company-derived metrics and benchmarks by geographical and sector classifications. Includes short- and long-term physical risk, peer emissions intensity, and climate scenario budgets.

ESG Fund Rating - Fund Distribution

ESG performance for funds includes top indicators and 5 packages: Climate and Energy, Ratings and Rankings, Regulatory Solutions, Screening and Controversies, and SDG Impact.

ESG Fund Rating - Issuers

ESG performance for funds globally includes corporate and country ratings, controversies, SDG alignment, climate data, controversial weapons and other screening, and voting analytics.

Norm-Based Research Issuers

Company adherence to international norms on human rights, labour standards, environmental protection, and anti-corruption as set out in the UN Global Compact and the OECD Guidelines.

Sector Based Screening

Company involvement in sectors and products such as alcohol, animal welfare, cannabis, for-profit correctional facilities, gambling, pornography, and tobacco.

Global Sanctions Screening

Companies with ties to countries of concern and/or countries under UN, U.S. or EU sanctions.
A powerful set of raw social datapoints covering themes like business ethics and labor, health, and safety.

Environmental & Social Raw Data

A comprehensive range of raw datapoints - spanning topics such as climate change and natural resources - with no additional assessment or scoring overlay.

Mapping File - Issuer Identifiers

Issuer Identifiers

Norm- Based Research Details Issues

Individual controversy case data supporting company dataset.

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