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BSE India Corporate Data Access to India’s largest corporate data repository

Deutsche Börse Market Data + Services and BSE India entered into a partnership under which Deutsche Börse acts as the exclusive licensor of BSE Information Products to all international Customers.

Key Information Product characteristics

  • BSE India is home to over 4,500 listed Indian companies, making it the largest marketplace in the world in terms of number of companies listed
  • As part of on-going disclosure and regulatory compliance, companies are required to file corporate disclosures with the BSE India
  • The BSE India Corporate Data Information Products provide Customers with access to the largest repository of Corporate Data for India’s listed companies
  • In order to license BSE India Corporate Data, an agreement must be signed with Deutsche Börse – to request a copy of this agreement, please contact us

Corporate Announcements

  • Filings by companies on events which are likely to have impact on the company’s share price

Shareholder Pattern

  • Periodic filings of the shareholding pattern of companies as per regulatory mandated formats
  • Incorporates summary and shareholding pattern of Promoter and Promoter Group, Public Shareholders, Non Promoter – Non Public Shareholders and disclosure by Trading Members (TM) holding 1% or more of the total number of shares

Financial Results (quarterly, half-yearly, yearly)

  • Financial results submitted by listed companies as per regulatory specified format
  • Provides standalone results of the companies that have submitted the results

Corporate Actions

  • Information on Corporate Actions in XML format over the Internet

Corporate Governance

  • Details of board composition, committee composition, number of board meetings, and committee meetings held during the quarter
  • Number of independent directorship positions held by persons in companies which are required to submit these reports under the Listing Regulations

Board Meetings

  • Daily updates of upcoming Board Meetings along with purpose of the meeting

Results Calendar

  • Daily updates on upcoming results declaring dates as communicated by listed companies

Consolidated Pledge

  • Daily file update of pledged shares by promoters

Voting Results

  • Provides a detailed breakdown of the meeting dates, number of promoters and shareholders attendance, the meeting resolution and voting results in context to the resolution

Data Availability

The Corporate Data products are delivered in XML and XBRL format and made available for download via a secure internet connection. 

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