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Deutsche Börse Data Shop Historical data and analytics right from the source

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The analysis of market behaviour and the many different facets of interactions between market participants is a constant challenge for financial institutions. The absolute reliability of the data source is therefore even more important. The > Deutsche Börse Data Shop and its 100 terabytes of trading data offers just that. Quick and easily accessible, 24 hours a day. Deutsche Börse’s API service allows you to access historical data in a convenient and user-friendly way.

The Deutsche Börse Data Shop offers you direct access to a variety of analytics as well as to historical market data from the Deutsche Börse’s trading venues Eurex, Xetra, 360T and Clearstream, as well as to the data sets from cooperation partners like the IIGF. 

To ensure smart, flexible, and efficient delivery of all data, we have set up a high-performance, cloud-based infrastructure that scales from one to thousands of securities in seconds. A state-of-the-art user interface covering all types of front-end devices allows you to quickly and easily integrate data into your business processes. Our pricing model ensures that you only pay for the data you need.

Deutsche Börse Data Shop – new look, more functional and accessible

Our newly designed Data Shop does not only come with a clear and modern look, but also offers new functionalities such as:

  • a purely file-based delivery platform
  • newly tailored product range 
  • one common user pool for the new Data Shop and our A7 Analytics Platform

All the original main functionalities, including delivery of daily subscription services or one-off historical data purchases, remain unchanged. You can obtain transparent price information and pay by credit card or bank transfer. 

Find all the data you need - fast and intuitive 

Finding your way to the data you need is easy and intuitive. Main functionalities include delivery of daily subscription services or one-off historical data purchases. Our purely file-based delivery platform provides you with a comprehensive and tailored product range.  A common user pool of the Data Shop and our A7 Analytics Platform lets you simply login in with the same email address and password to both applications. This brings our Data Shop and the A7 Analytics Platform closer together and makes access even more convenient for you.

What data can you get and how?

Our Data Shop provides access to a plethora of data sets based on the historical data from our trading venues Eurex, Xetra, Clearstream and 360T:

  • Analytics
  • Bond Liquidity Data
  • Digital Assets
  • ESG Data
  • Geographical Holdings Report
  • Market data stream files
    Complete historical order book and trade data from our trading venues Eurex and Xetra. Select the data you need from a variety of products with different order book depths and levels of transparency.
  • Reference Data
    Our extensive and high-quality range of verified master and corporate actions data allows vendors and other information multipliers to meet the market requirements regarding the dissemination of accurate data to other market participants
  • 360T data

> Data Shop Historical Data