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Meet the data experts

Deutsche Börse Market Data + Services is Deutsche Börse’s data powerhouse. But who are the people behind the data products and what exactly do they do? In a series of articles, we will introduce you to our Data Experts, starting with Stefan Schlamp, Head of Quantitative Analytics and his team.

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The Quantitative Analytics Team from left to right: Andreea Vaduva, Carsten Harlass, George Wyatt and Stefan Schlamp. Not pictured:  Roman Schick, Taras Beletskiy and Ishan Pokharel.

Stefan, how big is your team and what does it generally do?

We are a team of seven, all holding graduate degrees in STEM fields, some also with a background in trading. Our collective work can be broadly divided into four areas:

  • Creating data products for trading participants based on our proprietary data.
  • Providing A7 as a customer-friendly window into Deutsche Börse’s level-3 market data.
  • Serving as an internal knowledge hub for ad-hoc data or business intelligence analyses.
  • Fulfilling customer requests for bespoke data or analyses.

To support our work, we have built an extensive tech stack, encompassing both hardware and software. Unlike most on the business side, we spend the majority of our time coding in C++, Python, or SQL.

Where do the ideas for products/applications come from?

New product concepts or enhancements to existing products are the result of internal brainstorming, customer inquiries, or analysis of competitor studies.

Who is the target audience?

We serve a wide range of clients: from the ultra-low latency high-frequency traders, over asset managers, banks, central banks, and regulators to internal users who monitor market liquidity and generate periodic market statistics reports.

Do you get specific enquiries from customers?

Customers continually seek more granular data. We must find a middle ground between providing transparency and meeting anonymity expectations.

What are your next projects?

One of our major projects in 2023 was the development of customised client analytics reports for Xetra. In these reports, we provide participants with insights into their trading performance. We intend to extend this offering to participants on Eurex and EEX. We have several other projects in the pipeline that have not yet been made public.