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Foreign Exchange (FX) Spot and Swaps FX market data from 360T

Market Data + Services distributes the following information products:

Color codeProductProduct group

360T® Spot and Swap Data (full data universe)


360T® G10 FX Spot and Swap Data


360T® EM FX Spot and Swap Data


360T® NDF FX Spot and Swap Data


360T FX Spot Data


Key product characteristics

  • The information product 360T FX Spot and Swap Data offers spot market data from 360T’s OTC trading platform as well as contributed swap market data360T is an award-winning multi-bank, multi-asset trading platform for OTC and listed financial instruments
  • The 360T spot market data is sourced from a selection of liquidity provider streams
  • The Information product offers instant access to comprehensive data covering 40+ currency pairs, enabling increased market transparency and delivering granular information for critical trading decision making
  • It encompasses market activity across interbank, institutional and corporate customer segments, on disclosed and undisclosed connections, across multiple time zones
  • 360T swap market data provides aggregated prices of contributing international and regional specialist banks
  • The swaps market data from 360T satisfies the need for reliable and granular pricing of the market around broken and special dates in addition to standard tenors

Data Details

FX Spot Market Data

  • Streaming mid and bid/offer spread for more than 40 currency pairs across G10 and emerging markets
  • Sourced and aggregated from 360T global execution platform
  • Stream selection is based on the most active liquidity provider streams by volume
  • Firm and last look pricing inputs

FX Swaps Market Data                                                

  • Composed of over 20 contributing banks, including Tier 1 and super-regional specialist banks
  • Independent market data reflects the real market, created by pricing engines and traders
  • Standard tenors, IMM dates and special dates as well as turn dates for almost 50 currency pairs across G10, emerging markets and non-deliverable currencies
  • Liquidity provider streams are anonymised and validated
  • Unique ability to request streaming broken dates
  • Streaming bid/offer swap points per currency pair (no nominal amounts available)
  • Filtered and sanitized through algorithm checks, guaranteeing accuracy and quality
  • Sourced and aggregated from 360T liquidity provider contributions in collaboration with DIGITEC
  • DIGITEC is the industry-leading software provider of FX core pricing solutions