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17 March 2020 CET

COVID-19: How we handle the situation

We at Deutsche Börse create trust in the markets of today and tomorrow. As reliable market infrastructure provider, trusted partner and caring employer, we take the global COVID-19 situation very seriously.

While so far our business has not been critically impacted, we continue to monitor the situation at all company locations and worldwide very closely and remain in close contact with our customers, suppliers, our regulators and the competent bodies to assess the situation at hand on a daily basis.

The safety of our employees and their families is our top priority at all locations. So is the provision of orderly and stable markets. We have deployed a preventive response plan that is in accordance with industry standards and regulatory requirements. Our mitigation plans comprise comprehensive measures to minimise infection risk of staff as well as an internal and external communication plan. We are confident that our business continuity measures will allow us to maintain our services at an acceptable level. We have no plans of market closure. Quite the opposite: We will work hard to keep our exchanges open even if the circumstances will worsen further.

We assure our customers that we we – the companies of Deutsche Börse Group – will remain their trusted partners and inform them proactively about any impact on our services. All communication channels available under normal circumstances will be used to share information.