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27 April 2022 CEST | Market + Data services

Deutsche Börse Group partners with DataBP Deutsche Börse and DataBP implement a digital market data licensing and subscription management platform

Deutsche Börse Market Data + Services cooperates with DataBP to implement a digital data licensing and management platform to streamline business operations and optimize the customer experience for its market data business. DataBP is a leading provider of software and managed services for managing market data and index commercialization.

The objective of the partnership is to make the process of subscribing to Deutsche Börse’s real-time market data Information Products more navigable and to make it easier for clients to understand and acquire usage licenses. To this end, Deutsche Börse and DataBP developed new features within Deutsche Börse’s online contract management portal “MD+S interactive” based on DataBP’s platform.

This development will take Deutsche Börse’s contract management to the next level of digitization and provide additional guidance for market data managers by allowing them to order the relevant Information Products through a fully integrated process.