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23 March 2020 CET | Market + Data services

Deutsche Börse adds most granular TAIFEX data product to market data offering

TAIFEX Derivatives Market Ultra provides enhanced view of TAIFEX market 

Today, Deutsche Börse and Taiwan Futures Exchange (TAIFEX) launched the new data product TAIFEX Derivatives Market Ultra. It provides pre- and post-trade market data on occurrence, in contrast to the core product which continues to provide snapshots eight times per second. Bids, offers and traded prices are aggregated on price level for both products. 

The product launch marks another milestone in the successful market data partnership between Deutsche Börse and TAIFEX. Under the partnership, which has been in place since 2016, Deutsche Börse acts as licensor of TAIFEX market data to all international clients. Clients can conveniently access data products offered by both exchanges under a single license agreement. 

TAIFEX Ultra will greatly enhance the value and granularity of the data for clients. Market participants will be able to gain latest intelligence on market movements and discover trading opportunities. The new Ultra product will also strengthen investors’ capabilities of deploying various trading strategies between the cash and futures markets. 

The data product TAIFEX Derivatives Market Ultra includes data on all derivatives tradeable on TAIFEX, including TAIFEX’s flagship products TAIEX futures, TAIEX options and Mini-TAIEX futures. These are three of the most successful equity index derivatives contracts in Asia. TAIEX (the Taiwan Stock Exchange Capitalization Weighted Stock Index) is the most widely followed of all Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation (TWSE) indices. The data product delivers bids and offers up to an order book depth 5. Pre- and post-trade information is provided un-netted, i.e. bids, offers and prices are distributed as they occur. 

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