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  • Real-time market data

    Low latency market data covering Eurex, Xetra, DAX, STOXX etc. Data is available in various market depths.

  • Analytics

    Our value-added analytics provide insight into market trends and liquidity. They are derived from the original Xetra and Eurex market data.

  • Historical market data

    Valuable input for back-testing and risk analysis. Tick data as well as stream data is available in our online shop.

  • Direct data feeds

    CEF data feeds supply banks, traders, data vendors and other market participants worldwide with trades and quotes, indices and analytics.

  • Vendor list

    Looking for a data vendor? Our vendor list provides information on over 140 data vendors. You can search by name, product or country.

  • Agreements

    Look here to find our current Market Data Dissemination Agreement, price lists and other contractual documents.