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BSE India Electronic Gold Receipts (EGR) Access to Real-time Data from BSE India’s Electronic Gold Receipts segment

Key Information Product characteristics

  • Electronic Gold Receipts (EGR) represent gold in electronic form and are notified as securities that have similar trading, clearing and settlement features as other securities which are currently available in India
  • EGR allows efficient price discovery and standardization of gold, transparency in gold transactions, promotion of India Good Delivery Standard and settlement guarantee to the investor
  • Core Information Product

Access and licensing

  • Deutsche Börse is the exclusive licensor for BSE India Information Products to international Customers
  • The Information Products are disseminated via a direct data feed from BSE India and indirectly through > Information Suppliers (vendors)
  • If you wish to disseminate the data contained in BSE India Information Products electronically, please sign a > Market Data Dissemination Agreement with Deutsche Börse 

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