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BSE India iNAVs Access to iNAVs of BSE India

Key Information Product characteristics

  • iNAV provides an intraday indicative value of an ETF based on the market values of its underlying constituents
  • The iNAVs are disclosed on a continuous basis
  • iNAVs for equity ETFs are published within a maximum time lag of 15 seconds from underlying market, lower frequencies for other markets.
  • Core Information Product

Access and licensing

  • Deutsche Börse is the exclusive licensor for BSE India Information Products to international Customers
  • The Information Products are disseminated via a direct data feed from BSE India and indirectly through > Information Suppliers (vendors)
  • If you wish to disseminate the data contained in BSE India Information Products electronically, please sign a > Market Data Dissemination Agreement with Deutsche Börse 

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