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India INX Information from India’s first international exchange

Key Information Product characteristics

  • Core Information Product
  • Deutsche Börse is the exclusive licensor of India INX Information to international Customers
  • The Information Product is disseminated via a direct data feed from India INX and indirectly through > Information Suppliers (vendors)
  • If you wish to disseminate the data contained in India INX information products electronically a > Market Data Dissemination Agreement must be signed with Deutsche Börse

About India INX

India INX, a wholly owned subsidiary of BSE India, is located in Gift City, India’s first and only International Financial Service Centre (IFSC) situated in the state of Gujarat. The IFSC offers state-of-the-art infrastructure, a liberal tax regime and is the only place in India which allows offshore transactions. India INX will facilitate trading, clearing and settlement of global products across all major asset classes, including equity and equity derivatives, commodity derivatives, currency derivatives, interest rate derivatives and debt instruments.