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Deutsche Börse Indices and Xetra ETF Index and ETF data in one product

Key product characteristics

  • Core information product
  • The information product Deutsche Börse Indices and Xetra ETF provides trade and price information for the complete Deutsche Börse index universe as well as more than 1,000 ETFs listed in the XTF segment
  • Deutsche Börse’s XTF Exchange Traded Funds segment is Europe’s leading market for actively and passively managed exchange-traded funds, almost 98% of the turnover in ETFs is traded via the fully electronic Xetra trading platform

Indices included

  • DAX
  • MDAX
  • TecDAX
  • SDAX
  • DAXplus Strategy Indices
  • DAXglobal Indices
  • eb.rexx
  • REX
  • RDAX
  • Customized Indices

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