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STOXX Indices Information for leading European and global indices

Key Information Product characteristics

  • Core Information Product
  • The Information Product STOXX Indices provides comprehensive Real-time Data for important European and global equity indices, including the flagship EURO STOXX 50 index
  • STOXX indices are well known and respected far beyond Europe’s borders and serve as underlyings for exchange traded and OTC traded products and as benchmarks all over the world

STOXX index families included

  • STOXX Total Market (TMI) and Broad Indices
  • STOXX Blue Chip Indices
  • STOXX Dividend Indices
  • STOXX Size Indices
  • STOXX Sector Indices
  • STOXX Style Indices
  • STOXX Optimised Indices
  • STOXX Strategy Indices
  • STOXX Theme Indices
  • STOXX Sustainability and ESG Indices
  • STOXX Faith-based Indices

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