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Eurex Repo Information from Europe’s leading marketplace for repo and securities lending

Key Information Product characteristics

  • Core Information Product
  • The Information Product Eurex Repo delivers inter-dealer repo Information comprising best bid/ask quotes with respective volumes for a select number of baskets of the GC Pooling Market and the Repo Market
  • This Information is essential for all market participants who are engaged in liquidity management in Euro, Swiss Franc and USD
  • All prices are tradable prices and not indicative prices

Eurex Repo, a member of Deutsche Börse Group, is the leading provider for international financing in the secured money market business (repo and securities lending). Its marketplace combines electronic trading with the efficiency and safety of clearing as well as standardized collateral management and settlement for secured funding and financing transactions. Its GC Pooling Market is the European benchmark for standardized secured funding with central clearing.

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