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Qontigo iNAVs Value of your ETFs and Investments funds in real-time

Key Information Product characteristics

  • The Information Product Qontigo®  iNAVs provides market participants a detailed snapshot of their fund assets at any time. 
  • Qontigo® calculates the iNAV® values of exchange traded funds (ETFs) listed on national or international stock exchanges on an ongoing basis on behalf of issuers..
  • Qontigo® calculates iNAV® for iShares, AXA, DWS and Invesco. iNAV® values are calculated for numerous Xetra funds, including Index Trackers (ETFs), and actively-managed funds (Xetra Active Funds). 
  • They include funds on national indices such as DAX®, DivDAX®, EURO STOXX 50® and eb.rexx® Government Germany, as well as other international indices.

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