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Börse Frankfurt Certificates and Warrants Information for more than 1.8 million structured products

Key Information Product characteristics

  • Core Information Product
  • The Information Product Börse Frankfurt Certificates and Warrants provides Information for more than 1.8 million structured products traded on the Frankfurt Exchange (Börse Frankfurt)
  • The Information includes traded prices, best bid/ask and volumes
  • The Information Product is available free of charge until further notice
  • The data (excluding best bid/ask) is also included in the Information Product Xetra Core

Structured products covered

  • Discount certificates
  • Bonus certificates
  • Index/tracker certificates
  • Basket certificates
  • Outperformance certificates
  • Express certificates
  • Sprint certificates
  • Guarantee certificates
  • Reverse convertibles
  • Alpha certificates
  • Warrants
  • Knock-outs
  • Exotic warrants

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