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18 January 2024 CET | Market + Data Services

Empowering financial professionals with comprehensive reference data

In the world of finance, reference data play a crucial role in identifying and categorizing various financial instruments, institutions, and transactions. By providing a standardized set of data points, reference data offer a common language for financial professionals to communicate about these entities and activities.

The Market Data + Services team offers an extensive and high-quality range of verified master and corporate actions data allowing vendors and other information multipliers to meet the market requirements regarding the dissemination of accurate data to other market participants.

By covering more than 4,6 Mio. financial instruments in Deutsche Börse PROPRIS feed we enable our users to identify trends, test hypotheses and thus, make faster and smarter decisions. 

“In general, our data services assist market participants in standardizing their reporting, analysis, and comparison of financial data, fostering increased transparency and efficiency within the global financial marketplace.” Tobias Hartmann, Senior Product Manager Reference Data 

A master class introduces the unique features of Clearstream’s custodians’ reference and event data for the European settlement system T2S - confirmed classifications, Blocking-Periods, set up dates or derived CFI code. Combined with Clearstream´s listing and corporate action data sets in the PROPRIS feed - the timeliest basis for settlements, listings and corporate actions – you will discover how these features can elevate your data operations and streamline your workflow. In addition, we showcase the seven most heavily used functions of Deutsche Börse’s extensive and high-quality range of verified master and corporate actions data sets, including expert hints on how to maximize the benefits of its various features. 

The MD+S reference data offering:

PROPRIS is a data product that gives our customers access to comprehensive information from Deutsche Börse's established processes. This includes data on all financial instruments held in collective custody at Clearstream Banking Frankfurt as well as financial instruments with XS and LU International Securities Identification Numbers (ISINs) held at Clearstream Banking Luxembourg. In addition, PROPRIS also offers packages covering instruments listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and Xetra, master data from Target 2 Securities processes, and financial events for international instruments held in custody at Clearstream Banking Luxembourg.

The WSS Online+ reference data system provides back offices with settlement related securities information as detailed master, event, and price data through our online tool WSS Online or as a daily file service WSS Batch. Several sources such as Deutsche Börse T2S, WM-Daten, ESMA or PROPRIS data are available in real time quality. 

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Instrument information can be retrieved in real time via GUI system WSS Online+ of PROPRIS feed.

For more details and some videos please go to our master class landing page as well as our product pages:

Reference data product team: 

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Brixhilda Gurakuqi
Product Manager

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Tobias Hartmann,Senior Product Manager Reference Data