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WSS Securities Service System Settlement related securities information for back offices

Key product characteristics

  • Deutsche Börse’s reference data system WSS provides back offices with settlement related securities information
  • We provide our customers with detailed master, event and price data through our online tool WSS Online or as a daily file service WSS Batch

WSS Online

  • Complete reference data (master, event and price data) for securities listed in Germany and abroad
  • Reference data for all instruments in collective safe custody at Clearstream Banking Frankfurt as well as for all securities with XS and LU ISINs held in custody at Clearstream Banking Luxembourg (PROPRIS)
  • Daily updated data from the data vendors WM Datenservice, Exchange Data International and Thomson Reuters
  • Direct access to real-time data from Deutsche Börse as well as from German trading floors
  • Access via HOST (3270 monitor) or via WSS Online Plus, a web-based tool with extensive search functionality, customisable screens and an intuitive user friendly front end

WSS Batch

  • All reference and price data on a daily basis
  • Our reliable data delivery enables automated processing in your back office systems
  • New product “CSDR Reference Data” containing eligibility/liquidity indicators, penalty rates and other relevant data. The product is available via file service