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WSS Securities Service System Settlement related securities information for back offices

Key product characteristics

  • Deutsche Börse’s reference data system WSS provides back offices with settlement related securities information
  • We provide our customers with detailed master, event and price data through our online tool WSS Online or as a daily file service WSS Batch

WSS Online Plus

  • Complete reference data listed (master, event and price data) for securities listed in Germany and abroad at a glance
  • Reference data for all instruments in collective safe custody at Clearstream Banking Frankfurt as well as for all securities with XS and LU ISINs held in custody at Clearstream Banking Luxembourg (PROPRIS)
  • Direct access to real-time data from Deutsche Börse Group and the German trading floors,  as well as to daily data from the data vendors WM Datenservice and Refinitiv as well as ESMA (FIRDS/FITRS)
  • For securities listed in Germany, information on closing prices (with time of origin and turnover per order book statistic) is available in addition to real-time information
  • Historical price and turnover data is available for all securities traded on German exchanges as well as German indices for the time period starting 3 January 1994
  • For foreign securities, the application provides closing prices from Refinitiv
  • In contrast to the original HOST version, the web-based tool is updated on a regular basis with dedicated releases 
  • It offers an advanced search functionality, customisable screens and an intuitive user-friendly front end
  • A separate technology infrastructure is not necessary
  • You can adapt WSS Online Plus to your own processes, the system is easy to configure
  • The data provided by WSS Online Plus serves as a basis for securities settlement, processing of corporate actions as well as collateral and risk management

WSS Batch

  • All reference and price data on a daily basis
  • Our reliable data delivery enables automated processing in your back office systems