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30 January 2018

Deutsche Börse has pledged €20,000 to the fundraising association for the Höchst children’s hospital at the Höchst District Hospital The money will be urgently needed when the hospital moves into its new building in 2019 and is earmarked for special equipment acquisitions.

Joachim Weber, Head of Business Strategy + Intelligence at MD+S, presented the donation at a small ceremony on site. Dr Johannes Eisen, Chairman of the fundraising association, explained: “For over 20 years now we have been calling for better medical equipment at the hospital for paediatrics and youth medicine and supporting our small patients and their families during their time in hospital, in a situation that is often difficult.”

Their activities include projects such as establishing playrooms on the wards, the acquisition of monitors, incubators, clothing for premature babies, kangaroo care, child-friendly designs for hospital corridors, and the set-up of a dedicated play area, as well as the organisation and realisation of “highlights” for the young patients. These include the summer fair, where patients, friends of the fundraising association and many other local residents have fun together with the children’s hospital team.

F. l.: Andreas von Brevern (Deutsche Börse), Martina Sanfilippo, Dr Johannes Eisen (both fundraising association, Joachim Weber, Rica Plass (both Deutsche Börse), Dr Lothar Schrod (head physician of the children’s hospital) and Hans-Joachim Scholz (founder member of the fundraising association)