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12 May 2015 | Data services

MNI Euro Insight offers detailed information on Eurozone policy MNI Euro Insight provides subscribers exclusive behind-the-scenes news and in-depth analysis on economic policy and political developments in the Eurozone.

Market News International (MNI) announced today the launch of MNI Euro Insight, a website providing exclusive research and analysis on political and economic policy developments in the Eurozone. MNI is a leading provider of news and intelligence for the global foreign exchange, fixed income and commodities markets and part of Deutsche Börse Group.

Whether it is the continuing turmoil over Greece’s debt problems and potential Eurozone exit, the risk of a UK referendum on European Union membership, or doubt about economic and banking reforms in Italy, political and economic policy have a major impact on financial markets. MNI Euro Insight provides economists, strategists and fund managers with exclusive information on major political and economic developments and their potential effects. 

MNI Euro Insight will include exclusive news and in-depth analysis of Eurozone fiscal and monetary policy, original research based on information from Brussels policymakers and behind the scenes insights from the Eurogroup. In addition, guest contributions from Eurozone policymakers and opinion leaders, as well as access to leading analysts and correspondents via website, emails, webinars and conference calls will be part of the offer. MNI’s extensive relationships and long track record of covering senior European policy makers in Brussels, the European Central Bank and Eurozone national capitals provide the foundation for timely, insightful, and accurate intelligence on the issues at hand. 

“In today’s interconnected and uncertain environment, it is essential for financial professionals to have a complete and comprehensive resource that will help them make better investment decisions”, said Suzanne Petren Moritz, Chief Executive Officer at MNI. “We are excited to announce the launch of MNI Euro Insight and look forward to providing impactful specialist analysis, research and news on the political and economic events shaping the Eurozone.”

The Euro Insight specialist team will be led by Matthew Saltmarsh, senior analyst, and Simon Marks, Brussels correspondent. Matt previously worked as MNI’s Chief Europe Correspondent as well as a reporter for the International Herald Tribune – New York Times covering business. Simon worked in Asia covering news on business, politics, natural resources and corruption for a series of publications, including The New York Times, Al Jazeera, Newsweek and the Nikkei Asian Review.

MNI Euro Insight is a subscription-based service and can be accessed here: >

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