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04 July 2023 CEST | Market + Data Services

New Information Product Xetra® ETFs & ETPs now available via Cloud Stream High-quality ETF, ETC and ETN market data from Xetra® and Börse Frankfurt

With the introduction of Xetra® ETFs & ETPs, Deutsche Börse diversifies its data offering via Cloud Stream, enabling subscriber firms to have a broad range of information products to choose from. 


Key Information Product characteristics

  • Comprehensive insight into ETFs, ETPs and ETNs traded on Xetra® in real-time
  • No need for physical leased lines 
  • Easy-to-connect via internet connection 
  • No need to manage separate infrastructure

About Cloud Stream

  • Cloud Stream is a smart solution for streaming Real-time Information without the need for physical connectivity to multiple access points
  • Standard API delivery mechanism provides customers with cost-effective, flexible, reliable data access
  • Streaming solution available 24 / 7 through web-socket end point
  • Data is highly scalable and delivered in standardised formats (JSON and GPB) for easy access, use and integration into customer systems

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