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Combined data and analytics offer users the best of both worlds

05 October 2022 16:00 CEST

Firms of both sides of the industry have never had it better when it comes to the variety of datasets available to them, either from individual data vendors or through exchange partnerships like the recent Deutsche Börse-CME Group alliance. But having access to high-quality data doesn’t necessarily mean users can derive value from it, which is where data analytics tools come to the fore. Not only do they allow firms to identify hidden ‘signals’ within large, complex datasets, but they also support them in making the most accurate, repeatable and transparent trading decisions. Essentially, they change the focus from what trading decisions were made to why they were made.

This webinar focuses on the following themes: 

  • The tangible business and trading benefits users can reasonably expect on the back of deploying advanced data analytics tools
  • How data partnerships benefit the market in general by providing access to an ever-broadening array of high-quality data through a single interface
  • How firms should go about evaluating data analytics tools and the prerequisites they should look for in terms of delivery, time to market and functionality   

Our experts are:

  • Trey Berre, Managing Director  Global Head, CME Data Services, CME Group 
  • Stefan Schlamp, Head of Quantitative Trading Analytics, Deutsche Börse Group
  • Kent Peterson, Head of Quant Atitlan Asset Management
  • Moderator: Victor Anderson, Global Content Director, WatersTechnology

The free webinar from 5 October 2022 is available under the following link: Combined Data and Analytics offer Users the Best of Both Worlds (

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