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Optimizing Decision-Making to Support Business Growth: Data Analytics Holds the Key

22 April 2021 15:00 CEST

Just over a year ago, the global capital markets witnessed unprecedented volatility and trading volumes as a direct consequence of the uncertainty precipitated by the Covid-19 pandemic. This in turn led to increased demand from across the business for more data—most historic data—as a means of addressing that market uncertainty. However, data is only a viable solution to address the market challenges of today if firms have the tools to interrogate that data and identify signals and trends hidden within it that can be used to enhance incumbent business processes, and by so doing, support business growth.

This webinar will focus on the following issues:

  • The lessons the industry has learned over the last 12 months and whether incumbent data analytics tools were able to help mitigate some of the challenges facing market participants.
  • The tangible business benefits that sophisticated data analytics tools allow firms to achieve.
  • The functions/attributes that an ‘ideal’ analytics tool would need to include in order to be considered fit for purpose.
  • The extent to which cloud-based data management tools hold the key for capital markets firms when looking to identify signals and derive value from large and complex datasets.

Our experts are:

  • Alireza Dorfard, Head of Data Services, Deutsche Börse
  • Javier Sabo, Head of Advanced Analytics & Algorithmic Trading ,BBVA
  • Tarun Sood, Head of Data and Analytics, Institutional Investor Group Vanguard
  • Moderator: Victor Anderson, Global Content Director, WatersTechnology

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