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Shining a light on Fixed Income Free on-demand webinar from 26 September 2023 with WatersTechnology

26 September 2023 16:00 CEST
Shining a light on Fixed Income Shining a light on Fixed Income

Traditionally, fixed income as an asset class has presented market participants with a number of challenges due to the over-the-counter (OTC) model by which the bulk of securities are traded. Observable market data, especially for infrequently or thinly traded instruments, is sparce or even totally absent, which impacts firms’ abilities to accurately price/value such instruments, while gauging market depth (liquidity) is similarly challenging. However, a number of initiatives are currently underway that will shine a light on the global fixed-income markets, and by so doing provide participants with greater transparency and granularity to support their pricing and liquidity functions.

This webinar focuses on the following topics:

  • The current challenges facing market participants when it comes to trading OTC fixed-income securities
  • What ‘transparency’ means practically to market participants and how market infrastructure and data providers can help increase transparency in the fixed-income markets
  • The business and operational benefits accruing to participants on the back of increased transparency in the fixed-income markets

Our experts are

  • Jordan Erenich, Head of Execution Technology, PIMCO
  • Adrian Dacruz, Vice President Strategic Market Development Capital Markets, Clearstream
  • Peter Ho-Spoida, Data and Analytics Strategist, Deutsche Börse Group
  • Nick Eisinger, Co-Head of Emerging Markets Active Fixed Income, Vanguard
  • Moderator: Victor Anderson, Global Content Director, WatersTechnology

Watch our free on-demand webinar from 26 September 2023 under this link: Shining a light on fixed income (

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