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Webinar: Leveraging information provider relationships to access high quality FX data

Managing large numbers of relationships with data and technology providers can be complex and laborious for capital markets firms, which in many cases can lead to duplication and diseconomies of scale. Firms are therefore looking to rationalise the number of these partnerships, with the view to increasing the breadth, depth and value they derive from each of them.

The FX market and the Deutsche Börse-360T partnership is an example of how capital markets firms stand to benefit from access to unique, high-quality FX market data, not only to help them negotiate the various challenges associated with trading in such markets, but to capitalise on new business opportunities too. The benefits are clear: operational efficiency, simplicity and economies of scale; improving the overall quality and yield of each relationship; access to high-quality market and reference data; reduced operational costs; and faster time to market with new feeds and products.

This webinar focuses on the following topics:

  • The business, operational and technology benefits firms stand to gain by rationalising the number of relationships that have with data and technology vendors
  • The opportunities and challenges firms face in the FX market and how the Deutsche Börse-360T partnership can help them by way of high-quality market data  
  • How firms can make the business case for reducing their vendor partnerships to a handful of intimate relationships from which they can source the bulk of their market and reference data 

Our experts are:

  • Gerrit Marks, Head of Pricing & Licensing Strategy, Deutsche Börse
  • Lydia Solinski, FX Market Data, Product Manager, 360T Trading Networks
  • John Estrada, Global Head of eMacro, Credit Suisse
  • Tom Gentile, Director of Trading, Crabel Capital Management
  • Moderator: Victor Anderson, Global Content Director, WatersTechnology

Watch our free on-demand webinar:

Sep 22, 3-4pm BST | Leveraging information provider relationships to access high quality FX data