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Index services Providing leading German, European and global benchmarks

Deutsche Börse Group’s index activities are performed by the subsidiary STOXX Ltd. From 2010 to 2015, STOXX Ltd. was a subsidiary of Deutsche Börse AG and SIX Group. In August 2015, Deutsche Börse Group fully acquired STOXX. For our customers, this means one single point of contact for the index brands STOXX and DAX. STOXX and Deutsche Börse AG publish more than 10,000 global indices.

Indices support a wide range of investment goals. They help investors diversify their portfolios and serve as benchmarks for investment positions. As a basis for certificates, exchange traded products (ETPs) and conventional index funds, they make it easier for investors to access different markets and asset classes.

Marketed brands

  • Deutsche Börse indices include the flagship DAX index, innovative strategy indices as well as commodity and bond indices.
  • STOXX indices cover innovative as well as standard index concepts that can be applied on a consistent basis throughout global markets and countries. The rules for calculation, maintenance and selection are the same for all markets and regions without exceptions.
  • iSTOXX indices provide financial market participants with an individual index solution to cover a specific requirement or niche.
  • STOXX customised indices are developed according to client requirements and are available exclusively for the respective client.

Asset allocation

Our indices are an ideal tool for asset allocation as they provide comprehensive coverage of markets around the world. Our indices are divided into different index types such as benchmark, sector, style and size indices. This allows investors to choose from a broad and multi-tiered offering of indices.

Performance assessment

Our indices enable investors to assess the performance of their portfolios. The types of indices range from sophisticated, leveraged investment strategies to risk-averse concepts, such as the global STOXX Risk Control index series.

Issuance of financial products

Our indices are diversified and efficient investment tools designed to serve as underlyings for a wide range of financial products, such as ETFs, futures and options and structured products. Investors can choose from a broad variety of indices for many global markets and countries.


Our indices offer global coverage of equity markets that include a logical breakdown into sub-indices that represent sizes, sectors, styles and themes. This makes them well-suited for sophisticated global equity research of risk and performance factors such as dividends, value and growth.