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DAX / Deutsche Börse indices The leading German equity index and more

The Deutsche Börse index offering includes leading German blue-chip indices, other German focused equity concepts as well as strategy, global, alternative, commodity and fixed income indices.


The DAX, MDAX, TecDAX and SDAX indices allow investors to chart the German market and investment strategies in a transparent, rules-based and cost-effective manner.


The DAXplus brand comprises strategy indices, which allow investors to employ investment strategies that benefit from certain market and economic trends.


DAXglobal indices cover global industries such as the agribusiness sector, as well as country and regional indices worldwide.


The VDAX-NEW index is an indicator of derivatives market expectations of potential fluctuations on the DAX index - the implied volatility. VDAX-NEW indicates the expected volatility of the DAX index over the next 30 days as an annualized percentage.


The CX Commodity indices are weighted by the liquidity of the underlying single commodity futures contracts. This means that the most liquid underlying contract has the strongest influence on the index’s performance.

Fixed income

The bond offering comprises two families: the eb.rexx and the EUROGOV indices. The eb.rexx index family is based on German government bonds and Jumbo Pfandbriefe. The EUROGOV indices are calculated for Germany and France and are based on binding quotes for bonds. Thus, the indices track the respective markets for fixed-income government bonds denominated in euros.

Additionally, Deutsche Börse calculates the RDAX and the REX. The RDAX index offers a representative cross section of the market for German government bonds with fixed income and residual maturity of between 0.5 and 10.5 years. The REX bundles the most attractive bonds from DAX companies in a separate bond index.


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